Cover all your debt and financial obligations with the Transafrica Credit Life Policy. Utilize your policy as a consolidation policy and insure all your accounts under a single policy. We cater for individuals, brokers, debt counsellors and credit providers.

  1. What We Cover - Vehicle Loans , Personal Loans, Credit Card Debt, Bank Overdrafts, Retail Accounts, Furniture Accounts, Clothing Accounts, Debt Consolidation Loans, Debtors Book, Child Maintenance Obligations, Private Loans, Mortgage Bonds, and more.
  2. Benefits to You - protect yourself against Identity Theft, Retrenchment, Disability (Temporary or Permanent), Critical Illness and Death.
  3. Why Choose Us - easy claim submission process, consolidation of all your credit insurance policies, choose how you want to pay creditors, and no medical assessment required.

Who We Cover


Our Credit Life Insurance Policy combines all your debt cover in a single policy. All your debt covered under the policy will be settled in case of retrenchment, death, disability or critical illness. Protect yourself and get a quote today!


Our Transafrica Life Insurance Policy allows a broker to present clients with better options and monthly savings on premiums. Improve the ability of your clients to maintain financial stability by adding our product to your range of products.

Debt Counsellors

With the Transafrica Credit Life Insurance Policy, Debt Counsellors can build accurate payment plans, improve the cash flow of clients, and get clients out of debt quicker. Make the smart choice and earn additional income.

Credit Providers

With the Transafrica Credit Life Insurance Policy, Credit Providers can limit the risk of unpaid loans in case of client death, retrenchment, disability, or critical illness. Protect your business by getting a quote today!

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